When Osprey was established in 1991, we formed the view that we would develop an approach to claims management that would both improve the visibility of the service provided to our assureds and also focus on the most expedient and equitable forms of claims resolution, in the direct beneficial interests of the assured and Underwriters.

Once an assured has decided to purchase his insurance through Osprey, then we fully appreciate that it is the claims service that becomes the shop window for the product and Osprey. Therefore we have developed an extremely responsive service, so that the assured can return to running his business and allow us to deliver the service and protect his interests under the policy.

The key is the prompt notification to Osprey of any potential loss that may give rise to a claim, irrespective of the assured's deductible, and we have worked hard with our assureds and brokers on this aspect to ensure that we are advised as soon as possible of any possible claims. We wish to be considered as a resource available to our assureds and therefore to encourage the immediate notification of all relevant incidents. This facilitates the prompt investigation and determination of facts, which then dictate the outcome of the claim. If a claim is not advised in a timely fashion, it is usually detrimental to the outcome of any liability claim.

We have a worldwide network of correspondents, who are combined of both P & I Club representatives and also Lloyd’s Agents, and these can be accessed directly from the "Global Correspondents" drop-down menu located at the top right of every page. We purposely do not include a directory of US representatives, as the nature of the potential claim will dictate the type of investigation or assessment required. Our claims department has over 25 years experience of handling primary US liability claims and during that time we have developed an excellent network of adjusters, surveyors, investigators, medical case managers, surveillance companies and lawyers, who understand and respond to our expectations. We have participated in over 300 mediations personally and have been able to resolve several thousand claims without the need to involve lawyers, despite the presence of plaintiff attorneys in many instances.

We are the longest established fixed premium underwriter and we are extremely proud of this achievement. We will continue to strive in our efforts to manage claims with innovation and continue to work with our assureds to help them with loss prevention and risk management.