Thomas Miller Specialty is a Specialist Underwriting Agency created when Thomas Miller acquired the Osprey Underwriting Agency in 2015.  We formed the view that we would develop an approach to claims management that would both improve the visibility of the service provided to our assureds and also focus on the most expedient and equitable forms of claims resolution, in the direct beneficial interests of the assured and Underwriters.

Once an assured has decided to purchase his insurance through Thomas Miller Specialty (TMS), then we fully appreciate that it is the claims service that becomes the shop window for the product and TMS. Therefore we have developed an extremely responsive service, so that the assured can return to running his business and allow us to deliver the service and protect his interests under the policy.

The key is the prompt notification to TMS of any potential loss that may give rise to a claim, irrespective of the assured's deductible, and we have worked hard with our assureds and brokers on this aspect to ensure that we are advised as soon as possible of any possible claims. We wish to be considered as a resource available to our assureds and therefore to encourage the immediate notification of all relevant incidents. This facilitates the prompt investigation and determination of facts, which then dictate the outcome of the claim. If a claim is not advised in a timely fashion, it is usually detrimental to the outcome of any liability claim.
The TMS team has decades of experience in the London marine and transport markets, the offshore industry and commercial fishing fleets.  The team handles large property, liability and regulatory caseloads worldwide, dealing with claims arising in some of the world's most difficult jurisdictions and regulatory environments.  Given its historical core markets, TMS has a particular focus on US casualty, pollution and personal injury/Jones Act matters, while also offering real expertise in key growth markets in Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Local claims, casualty and operational assistance is provided through TMS' unparalleled network of correspondents, regional agencies and service partners around the globe. 

We are the longest established fixed premium underwriter and we are extremely proud of this achievement. We will continue to strive in our efforts to manage claims with innovation and continue to work with our assureds to help them with loss prevention and risk management.

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Thomas Miller Specialty prides itself on its expedient and equitable claims resolution, supporting clients anywhere in the world.

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