Kidnap and Ransom insurance โ€“ global cover

Corporate Kidnap & Ransom Insurance should be of immediate interest to any company that has international business travellers or overseas office personnel including dependents.

Support is provided for much more than kidnap incidents with extortion demand coverage also a key feature.  Access to experienced crisis response consultants is an insurance feature as well as additional expenses such as gross salary of victims, psychiatric and medical care and interpreter fees.  Coverage is provided on a worldwide basis.

Another popular benefit is the Risk Mitigation Allowance which pays for pre-risk guidance consultancy from our market leading partners Special Contingency Risks (SCR) and Alert24.  Up to 15% of premium can be spent on this service helping a company plan for corporate travel to, or office expansion in, any difficult jurisdiction.

Kidnap and Ransom insurance 

Our Kidnap and Ransom insurance includes:

  • Insured perils, including kidnap and personal extortion, property damage extortion, product extortion, computer virus extortion, trade secret extortion, political detention and hijack
  • Insured losses, including ransom, loss of ransom in transit, fees for security consultants and additional expenses
  • Legal liability in the event that an action for damages is brought against the assured as a result of a kidnap, extortion, hijack or detention situation
  • Personal accident, including death, loss of limb/sight/hearing/speech, permanent total disablement, loss of extremity
  • Extensions including loss of earnings, computer virus/business interruption, threat expense, emergency political repatriation & relocation, product loss, disappearance investigation and expense and express kidnap

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Security risk management services

In association with SCR, Thomas Miller Specialty policyholders enjoy security risk services including:

  • Unlimited response consultant service, guaranteeing the deployment on site of a negotiator within 24 hours of being notified of an incident and available for the entire duration of the incident
  • Crisis and security management, including a Risk Mitigation Allowance (RMA) which can pay for consultancy services to help avoid exposure to potential risks and access to our purpose built proprietary operations centre, Alert:24

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