K&R policy details

A Thomas Miller Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) policy offers much more than kidnap cover, extending to risk mitigation, protection and cover.

K&R policy cover

Our standard K&R policy cover includes:

Insured Perils

  • Kidnap
  • Bodily Injury Extortion
  • Property Damage Extortion
  • Product Extortion
  • Computer Virus Extortion
  • Trade Secret Extortion
  • Political Detention
  • Hijack

Insured Losses

  • Ransom
  • Loss of Ransom in Transit
  • Fees and Expenses of Crisis Response Consultants
  • Additional expenses including:
    • Gross salary of victim
    • Rest and rehabilitation expenses
    • Cosmetic and plastic surgery costs
    • Job retraining costs
    • Legal advice
    • Fees of an interpreter
    • Psychiatric and medical care
    • Salaries of those employed to assist negotiations
    • Cost of temporary security measures
  • Personal Accident (death, loss of limb/sight/hearing/speech, permanent total disablement, loss of extremity) – a policy period aggregate of five lives applies to the personal accident cover
  • Legal Liability – cover in the event that an action for damages is brought against the assured as a result of a kidnap, extortion, hijack or detention situation

The limit of liability is provided per insured event for each of the insured losses: Ransom and Loss of Ransom in Transit; additional expenses and Legal Liability outlined above except in the case of Fees and Expenses of Crisis Response Consultants where there is no limit whatsoever as the fees and expenses of the crisis response consultants are covered to an unlimited extent until the end of an insured event.

There is no aggregate applicable to any of these losses so an unlimited number of insured events are covered during the policy period.

Additional Cover

The K&R policy wording can be expanded to incorporate the following extensions:

  • Loss of Earnings – cover for loss of earnings in the event that an extortion leads to the temporary closure of your business or part of a business
  • Computer Virus / Business Interruption – cover for loss of earnings incurred in the event that an extortion attempt to contaminate a computer system and IT infrastructure leads to the temporary shutdown of the computer network
  • Threat Expense – cover for the fees and expenses of a threat assessment conducted by a response consultant following a threat of either bodily injury or property damage, not accompanied by a financial demand
  • Emergency Political Repatriation & Relocation – cover for the
  • evacuation of expatriate personnel and overseas business travellers to their home country or nearest country of safety following an order from their home
  • government to evacuate, seizure/confiscation of your property or being declared persona non grata
  • Product Loss – cover for the recall, analysis and possible subsequent destruction of products in the event that they are contaminated by an extortionist
  • Disappearance Investigation and Expense – cover for the fees and expenses of an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of an insured person prior to the confirmation of a kidnap
  • Express Kidnap – cover for cash withdrawals and other small monetary amounts surrendered under duress in a short-term hostage taking

Risk Management included

Every policyholder benefits from SCR’s Alert:24 service, which includes an unlimited response consultant service and crisis and security risk management.

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